Ginger Bugs & Plum Blossoms

I originally posted this over on the Spruce Tips instagram, but thought I'd repost it here for folks who have yet to join the ol' Spruce Tips train.  We’ve been really into homemade sodas lately: lovage syrup became homemade Cel-Ray, bits of leftover pineapple became pineapple ginger soda, and we just turned the lingering plum … Continue reading Ginger Bugs & Plum Blossoms


Sowing Seeds

I am not a farmer. Well, duh. I wish I were; all of the things I wish for myself--discipline, consistency, faith, foresight, intuition, production, connection to land and season and creature-- are contained within the farm. I know some incredible farmers.  I have visited some incredible farms. I've put in a couple of hours of work … Continue reading Sowing Seeds

Is Your Fetus More of a Cheddar or a Blue?

Armed with the belief that cheese > all things, especially lettuce, and a pretty solid working knowledge of the weight of individual cheese wheels (or in the case of the early weeks, the weight of bits and bobs of cheese), I correlated estimated fetal weight by week with the weights of wheels of delicious, delicious cheese. So now you can tell people your growing babe is the size of a wheel of meaty, savory cow's milk cheese, handcrafted by members of the (THE) vonTrapp family, rather than a sad Idaho Gold.