Sowing Seeds

I am not a farmer. Well, duh. I wish I were; all of the things I wish for myself--discipline, consistency, faith, foresight, intuition, production, connection to land and season and creature-- are contained within the farm. I know some incredible farmers.  I have visited some incredible farms. I've put in a couple of hours of work … Continue reading Sowing Seeds

Is Your Fetus More of a Cheddar or a Blue?

Armed with the belief that cheese > all things, especially lettuce, and a pretty solid working knowledge of the weight of individual cheese wheels (or in the case of the early weeks, the weight of bits and bobs of cheese), I correlated estimated fetal weight by week with the weights of wheels of delicious, delicious cheese. So now you can tell people your growing babe is the size of a wheel of meaty, savory cow's milk cheese, handcrafted by members of the (THE) vonTrapp family, rather than a sad Idaho Gold.