Finally, Fermentation: Making Yogurt at Home

When I was reworking the template for this site, trying to make it a little more blog-y and a little less Angelfire/Geocities, I added the subtitle "Family // Fermentation // Faith" mostly because those are the things I like to spend my time thinking about and doing, and also alliteration. But while I've written a … Continue reading Finally, Fermentation: Making Yogurt at Home

Dinner with Winifred

Winnie made me dinner tonight. After Mike washed the purslane, Winnie took it for a couple (dozen) rounds in the salad spinner, which she carried back and forth between the kitchen and living room so she could show me how it worked.With everything spread out on the floor around them, Mike talked her through sprinkling … Continue reading Dinner with Winifred


I woke up more slowly than usual.  Mike had already fed Winnie.  She brought me a ball in bed, clambering up on top of the bedspread and proudly displayed her new ball-kicking skills into my bedhead.  It was a soft ball. We gathered up the day’s supplies (applesauce, clean dress, new stuffed bunny with a … Continue reading matins