Interests Include Mommy Blogging & Tandem Nursing

Two funny stories One: About a year ago, I was courted to be a mommy blogger. For real! Like, for money. Lololololol. And I wrote some things, emails stopped, payment never came, etc. I moved on to other things, like having another baby and moving across the country. But I have these funny sort of … Continue reading Interests Include Mommy Blogging & Tandem Nursing


A Brooklyn Blackberry Massacre

Tart and slightly sweet, Winnie can’t get enough frozen blackberries.  Some might even say she’s gone mad for blackberries, devouring them with such ferocity that it left our kitchen looking a little, uh, Dexter-y?   She’s really quite sweet.  Really. Really, she is.  And such a good eater, too!