Want to hire me? Here’s what I can do.


I write.

I write copy for capital campaigns. I write copy for funky cheeses. I edit UX guidelines for tech companies and newsletters for subscription giving organizations. I write about faith, fermentation, and family. If it needs to be said, I can say it, with gusto (or delicacy or subtlety or deference, if you’d prefer.)

I teach.

My experience ranges from creative writing workshops with middle grade students to classes on cheese with chef-instructors and advanced sommeliers, from enriching the knowledge of birth workers with information on perinatal mood and anxiety disorders to designing on-boarding programs for entry-level retail associates. Conveying information in a meaningful and relevant way is my passion, and I work through various methods — primarily inquiry based — to ensure content mastery.

I market.

But more than market, I communicate. The key to a successful marketing strategy is effective communication of your mission, through storytelling, connection, and authenticity. Through any combination of  traditional marketing channels or the ever-expanding world of digital marketing, I grow your reach in meaningful, measurable ways.

I strategize.

Data and analysis of that data into real world applicability drive all the work I do. From market research to diving deep into historical organizational data, from budgets to strategic visions, I use all information available, with a healthy dose of intuition, to guide the achievement of your mission.

I advocate.

I care deeply about the lives of the people around me, the people around them, and the people around them. I care about making your world a better place. To that end, I use a decade plus of communication, education, and business experience to effect change in the community and world.

I organize.

I bring people together for things we all believe in. Utilizing an exceptional ability to connect to others, as well as a capacity to effectively synthesize and communicate big concepts, I can join people with ideas to effect great change. Add to that the production of hundreds of events, an obsession with checklists, timelines, and spreadsheets, and an extensive social network, and whatever we want to do, we will.

I design.

What started as a simple necessity — to create digital images for event promotion in the absence of a staff designer — has blossomed into a great love for using aesthetics and visual impact to communicate important concepts and info with the effect that only good design has. From print tri-folds for capital campaigns, to product logos, email newsetter campaigns, websites, and more, I want nothing more than to take what’s important to you, and use visually clear and impactful design to engage your audience in your message.

I parent.

No matter what else I’m doing — and I’m often doing a lot! — I’m parenting. My two gals teach me so much every day about who I am and who I should be. They open my eyes to the work we should be doing to make this world a better place and to the profundity of the human experience at all stages.

Contact me to talk more about how I can help you meet your goals.