If you’re reading this, you probably already know who we are, but we’ll go over it just in case. NB: bios have been updated to reflect their subjects’ growth and change.

This is Winnie, the big sister.  She likes chickens, Fleetwood Mac, horses, the library, snacks, pants, raw pizza dough, and baby sister(s). She wants to go now goes to school someday so she can play basketball and wears a backpack. Despite photographic evidence to the contrary she does *not* like the beach– too scary. (Aside: she does repeat a very clear memory of going to the beach with her friend Emily and eating grapes that were covered in sand.)

Georgie is our newest second addition, and boy is she a great one! So far she’s mostly into nursing, smiling, and listening to stories. I also think she likes Bernie Sanders. ETA: Georgie is now into all food, having teeth, smacking her big sister awake in the morning, and crawl-chasing her family members everything. She also laughs SO MUCH.

Hilde, yes named after Hildegard von Bingen, is our newest babe. She likes to spend her time reminding us that she is not just a carbon copy of her sisters. Also, sleeping, nursing, etc. Pic TK.

Mike and I (where I=Sascha) met at a cheese shop (in a cheese cave!) in NYC, where we’d both come to work after Mike moved from Illinois and I moved from Oklahoma.  We live in Brooklyn in New Mexico where he runs a cheese counter in Grand Central Terminal teaches piano lessons, goes to school for solar design, and builds compost boxes, and I do freelance consulting for small food and farm projects business development (read:education, marketing, data, and slinging cheese the old fashioned way) for the Cheesemongers of Santa Fe freelance consulting, again, because I love it. I want to be a Board of Immigration Appeals representative, a doula, and a priest when I grow up. We love our (ETA: former) neighborhood of Windsor Terrace, but we sneak out for farm, field, and forest adventures as often as we can now live in the mountains and have a backyard and access to the greatest chile in the world, so we pretty much feel like we traded up, no offense to Brooklyn and all.

We’re into fermentation, faith, family, and food, not necessarily in that order.


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