I Have Not Written

I have not written.

Well, I’ve written a lot of emails. Not enough, I know– you’re thinking, “but she never answered mine!” and for that I’m very sorry.

Instead of writing I’ve been working. Working at work. Working for Winnie’s school, a little nature education non-profit that just bought its very own building. Working for mothers, training doulas and home visitors in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Working with church, being part of an interfaith response to the immigration crisis, planning education forums, and being trained in the rights of immigrants. Folding and unfolding chairs and tables, filling water pitchers, so that people have a place to sit as they plan out who will care for their children, take over their car payments, consent to field trips and medical attention on their behalf should they be detained or deported.

And at home, of course, with these growing humans. Georgie has all of these words. WORDS. “CHAIR! BONK! LEG! TRIP! FALL! FLOOR! HIT! OUCH! CRY” she’ll yell with a smile. Like, did you get that guys?! I CAN NARRATE!  Winnie loves rhyming and singing and playing her dad’s trombone. She is so aware of so much that goes on around her that I sometimes find it hard to believe that she is three going on four, but oh, is she three going on four. She has lived exactly as many days as she has lived, and extracted just every bit of life from those days that she could.

I cry and giggle at every one of her dance classes. And Georgie in overalls! The way she calls rocks “rockets” and yells SEE! LOOK! PUPPY! SEE! DOG! every.single.time she sees a dog.





I am perseverating on theology these days, in the shower, between emails, between questions at the shop. Sacraments as action rather than symbols, grace as liberation of the oppressed. I’m trying to draw the line of connection between the bread in my hands and my atemporal connection to the whole Communion of Saints, and how that can eradicate poverty, violence, disease. Reading this.  And this.

Oh, and I went to a spin class (never, ever again) and I’m teaching a class on pairing cheese with German and Austrian wine tonight, lest you think my life is lived entirely in the space of work and thought. It surely is not.


Header Photo by Dana Marin on Unsplash

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