Snowy, Snowy Days

February in New York can be cold and gray, sludgy ex-snow lining the sidewalks, so you’d think a February vacation to someplace warm, with sun and beaches, places that don’t require wool clothing or a can of de-icer carried on your person, might be in order.  Or you could be like us, and drive five hours north to find more snow!


Yes, the snowbanks are tall, but the sidewalks are all so clear! And the streets are a dream!



We took the second half of Mike’s vacation time to head to Portland, Maine, where we’ve been going every chance we get over the past year. Sure, it’s cold, but the snow is gorgeous, and quickly plowed and shoveled, and we’re really into wool and Bean boots and tea and the like, so we’re having a great time.

We’re spending lots of time with each other and eating and drinking all things good.


These two.




Foccacia as big as her head.









Vacation master cleanse.



We attended a packed midday Ash Wednesday mass at the Episcopal cathedral here, where Winnie promptly fell asleep after the imposition of ashes (she also slept through her baptism, so there must be something about that forehead spot!).

We’ve got sledding on the docket, and few James Beard semifinalists on the list of spots to visit.

Also: hey! new hobby!



More to come about the new spots we checked out and the massive haul of Maine foodstuffs we’re bringing back with us (you would not believe the amount of fresh dairy we can purchase when given the opportunity– or maybe you would.)

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