It was four months and three days ago today, little Winnie taught your mom and dad to play

Dearest Babe!  Mama owes you so many words upon words upon words.  Words about the incredible changes you’ve made in the past weeks, words about your baptism, words about Mama going back to work and the dull ache of being away from you for so many hours at a time.  Those words tumble ‘round in my brain all day and night long, and I will try my hardest to get those down somewhere so that you and I might share in them someday.


A baptism gown handmade by the grandmother of dear friend Carolyn— and Winnie showin’ off that cutie bootie

For now, though, we’ll talk today.  Right now your papa is playing “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” on the guitar for you while he bounces your bouncy chair in time with his foot, and you, my dear, are LOVING it.  You are kicking madly, flapping your arms, and cooing/shrieking with aplomb.



You and I are battling a nasty cold, one that has left us both napping and snorting and, if we’re to be honest, whining for a good bit of the day.  We managed to get ourselves together, though, and head out to your four month appointment today with your BFF pediatric nurse practitioner, Bridie.  You love a good metric, dear one, so without further ado, here are your stats!


14lbs, 14 oz of glorious baby snuggles

27.2 inches from head to toe (still greater than 99th percentile, LONGEST BABY IN THE WOOOOORLD!)

and a 17 inch head to hold your giant brain

You are long and lean and oh so perfect.  You have one tooth peeking through with another nearly out, and that just slays your dear old mom, because you’ll never again be a baby without teeth!  You are rolling and rolling and rolling some more, putting anything and everything within reach into your mouth, and seeing just how loud you can get that voice of yours to go.  You babble in paragraphs, full of all kinds of insight and enthusiasm for this whole big wide world you’re set on figuring out.  You’re strong enough to hold yourself up sitting in a tripod position, but you refuse to do so because you would rather scootch those stationary arms forward and explore the world around you a bit more, an instinct I hope I can encourage for all of your days, sweet one.


You are so good at hugs and snuggles, wrapping your arms around me and your papa, especially when you’re careening towards bedtime.


You’ve started holding the cup we use to douse you during your bath, and you surprised all three of us when you decided to take a big gulp of bathwater straight from the cup last week!  You do so much, sweet babe, and you never tire for a second of learning or growing.  We have so very much to learn from you— your sincerity, your joy, your inquisitive spirit, your sense of self, and so much more.



We love you so much, Winifred Eleanor.  xoxoxo.


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