Two Months

Winnie had her two month checkup this week, and is once again officially adorable.  I think they also checked some other things, but her cuteness is definitely off the charts.

The Stats:

  • 12 pounds, 3 ounces
  • 24.9 inches long
  • 100% terrific

Winnie is apparently in the 100th percentile in height, which I don’t believe is an actual percentile, so we’ve taken to calling her (in booming tones) THE TALLEST BABY IN THE WOOOOOORLD!  A slight exaggeration, to be sure, but still pretty darned long.

Stuff she’s doin’:

  • Holding her head up (except when she doesn’t really want to, like when she’s found a really sweet spot to hang her head back and stare at trees)
  • Experimenting with all volumes and tones of coos, shrieks, and chirps.  She’ll sometimes intone her coos like they’re sentences, which is kind of my favorite thing in the world right now.
  • Pushing up on her arms while on her belly/holding herself up when placed
  • Tracking objects from left to right and up and down
  • Rolling from belly to back (also known as, “Oh, if I tip my head to one side, I can totally roll out of this tummy time position.  Better luck next time, ma!”)
  • Exploring her hands like they contain the secrets of the world, which they do
  • Reaching for neat stuff, like mom, dad, and the fox on the wall
  • Grasping fingers, clothing, and small objects with purpose
  • Pushing herself forward with her feet during tummy time which I’m going to hope doesn’t imply she’s going anywhere anytime soon (she’s not)
  • Smiling, giggling, and gurgling
  • Launching her pacifier out of her mouth and then banishing it to the far corners of her crib with a swift sweep of her arm
  • Blowing raspberries
  • Drooling, to make aforementioned raspberries more awesome
  • Wiggling and waggling that tongue
  • Kicking like she’s training for the Rockettes
  • Loving her previously loathed/barely tolerated bathtime
  • Laughing at my jokes and generally making me feel like a pretty stellar human

What a growing, changing, babying baby that one is!



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