The Tiniest Update on the Tiniest Anderson

The last few weeks have been blissfully uneventful, just growing and growing, with a childbirth or newborn care class thrown in here and there, a few runs to Ikea, and some excellent furniture assembly by Mike.

On our way to dinner on Saturday, I took a bit of a spill, and our doctor recommended we head to the hospital for observation.  I was having regular contractions, every 2 minutes or so, but sweet little bean was kicking up a storm, letting us know she was okay.  The attending doctor called her ‘incredible’—Mike and I agree.  After about 24 hours of observation, they let us go home.  Now we’re keeping an eye on contractions, which are still coming but are very mild and spaced relatively far apart.  It’s important to note that contractions don’t necessarily mean labor.

Bean is just over 35 weeks, but we would really like for her to hang tight until 37 weeks, when she’ll be full term.  In the meantime, I’m drinking lots of water, resting, eating well, and watching Mike put the finishing touches on the nursery.  We’re so excited to meet her, but want to be sure she’s just as ready to meet us when she decides to make her appearance.

Oh, and a fun announcement!  When she arrives, barring any sort of naming revelation upon her arrival, we’ll all be meeting Winifred Eleanor Guinn Anderson.  Winifred is the middle name of my grandfather’s grandmother, who played a pivotal role in raising him to be the kind, thoughtful, conscientious person he was.  Eleanor is a relative of Helen, in memory of Michael’s beloved grandmother, Helen Anderson.  Please feel free to call her Winnie, Win,  or Fredella, depending on how the mood strikes you.

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