Gigande Bean

Today Mike and I went for a follow-up ultrasound at Beth Israel, where we plan to deliver.  At our last ultrasound, Sweet Bean was practicing her best wiggle-worm, and the doctor couldn’t get the heart images she wanted, so we needed to follow up today to make sure that tiny heart was doing all it should be— and it is!  Both the doctor and the technician remarked that she looked perfect, and Mike and I quite agree.  There’s something magical about seeing her every vertebrae and her little knees and all of the little bits we’ll be able to hold and snuggle soon.

She’s a whopping pound and five ounces now, or just a smidge smaller than a ripe wheel of Jasper Hill Farm Winnimere.

Lovely Winnie photo from Murray’s Cheese

Once we had deduced Bean’s size in cheese form (much more natural to us than vegetables) we proceeded to list all of the cheesy stages she would go through, from Garrotxa to Fourme d’Ambert to Berkswell to Manchego.  These are your parents, Gigande Bean— your cheesy, cheesy parents— and you’re pretty much stuck with us forever.  xoxo.

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